history facts


Formed in 1988, ATTENTAT SONORE released two demo tapes, split with OUTRAGE REBELLION (France). Some of the songs were used for french compilation tapes despite the low quality of these recordings (I can tell you).


'War & Peace' demo tape. 45 mn, most of the stuff was recorded by Raf & Robin who was the other guitarist back then. Sold over 500 copies. Several songs were used for international compilation tapes.

More songs were recorded after this demo but only released through compilation tapes, there never was a 4th demo in fact.


There were line-up changes & a new start...Our first effort to be (poorly) recorded was the split demo with Clermont-Ferrand's Punx PRIMITIV BUNKO (check out their two 7" on PANX !). The split tape was called 'Neither War, Nor Peace - Umanita Nova !'. Yeah, a new Humanity cos the one we all know pretty sucks. This tape sold over 600 copies, there were several distributors outside France, particularly in the Eastern countries where both bands (but particularly original PRIMITIV BUNKO's singer Sid) have good friends.

BROKEN EAR Rds put one of our songs on their "Crises" CD comp. (still available on our list, with RHYTHM COLLISION, HATES, MORAL CRUX, WAT TYLER, LEGITIME DEFONCE and lots more) in 1995.



We then released a live 7" on PANX / GUERILLA VINYL (our label, but PANX was more responsible for this one!) - a split 7" with our friends SCRAPS (one of the first french HC bands ever) issued in January 1996, shortly after we played in Dijon with OI POLLOI.



We had some songs on several comp. tapes of course. Then during the summer of 1997 the "Pogoiting with the frogs vol.5" CD comp was released with a track of ours, "P.G.G.B.". Plenty of cool punk/oi! bands are featured on this one.



In May 1998, the "New Days Rising" CD comp was released. We have 3 new songs on it plus a GASOLINE (french punk pioneers) cover version. Rel. on BOISLEVE Rds.

In August, the benefit CD comp for BLACK STAR Collective and REFUSE & RESIST (support for Mumia ABU-JAMAL) was released in the US. Called "All power to the People, not the State", it features tracks by CITIZEN FISH, NAKED AGGRESSION, GOOD RIDDANCE, the legendary U.X.A., MARYLIN'S VITAMINS etc. & our song "P.G.G.B.".



"Got Punk?" is released on BROKEN EAR and there is more bands than ever, from Japan, Canada, Mexico, France etc.

A new Cd comp called "Slam Fast" is out now (many french bands including BUSHMEN, FAT SHOES, DOG'S BOLLOCKS, UNSAFE, SHADE, JERKY TURKEY...) with 2 songs of ours recorded live in late 98: "Punx with brains" & the OI POLLOI's cover , "Boot down the door".

There's a new line-up now. Loïc plays drums, and Régis is our male singer...Both play in NEGATIVE I.Q. (our local oi!/core band!). We hope to play our new songs soon on stage! A split 7" with N.I.Q. is out since september, released by ourselves (999 copies).


See the first page for new projects !

We already have another song for a tribute to the PARTISANS, we'll play No U-Turns. We plan more vinyl this year...



If you want to order some stuff (split 7" with SCRAPS, Crises, Got Punk?, New Days Rising CD comps), please take a look here !